April 28th 2023

It’s time to meet another tasty tequila cocktail—the Paloma! For this recipe, I squeezed fresh Ruby Red Grapefruit juice. You’re probably thinking “All grapefruits are bitter”, this is false! Fun Fact: Ruby Red Grapefruits are incredibly sweet and less acidic than other grapefruits. I find these taste better in Paloma cocktail recipes. Sometimes I juice Ruby Red Grapefruits to drink daily because I love the taste. Does the grapefruit juice have to be fresh? There’s no comparison to the taste of freshly-squeezed citrus juice, so it should always be your first choice. The store-bought stuff just isn’t the same! You will need a simple, budget-friendly citrus juicer makes this task extremely easy OR use an industrial hand juicer like I did.This Paloma recipe is a light and refreshing Mexican drink made with tequila (I used the Agavales Tropical Mango Tequila), grapefruit, lime, and sparkling water or club soda. It’s easy to make and delicious year-round! Cocktail Tip: Dip the rim of the glass in salt if that’s your jam!


2 – 3 glasses

Ready In:

15 mins OR less

Good For:

Cocktail Hour


When are grapefruits in season? Like most produce these days, grapefruit can be found nearly year-round, but its prime season is still in the winter months. You’ll find the most perfectly ripe fruits from January through early spring. 


The perfect mixture of sweet and sour. Perfect for eating solo adding to your favorite cocktail.


This type of grapefruit has a little of everything: Tartness, tanginess, and its own bit of sweetness.


Sweeties are also – perhaps unsurprisingly – one of the sweetest types of grapefruits out there.


The general rule states that the redder a grapefruit is, the sweeter it tastes. But the rule is a general one for a reason. Despite their brilliant red flesh, these types of grapefruits are notoriously bitter.

Oro Blanco & Melogold GRAPEFRUITS

These are a cross between pomelos and white grapefruit. They are known for having almost no bitterness, low acidity, and high sugar levels.


Distinctively grapefruit, with a perfect balance of tangy, tart, and sweet and plenty of juice to satisfy snackers of all kinds.


White grapefruits aren’t as bitter as they are sour. And just a bit tart.


Sweeties are also – perhaps unsurprisingly – one of the sweetest types of grapefruits out there.


The Ruby Red is one of the sweetest grapefruits you can buy — without losing that unique, well–loved grapefruit tang.

How to Eat Grapefruit

Most people eat grapefruit to lose weight. It’s been said grapefruit contains several types of antioxidants that may help prevent the development of some chronic conditions, including heart disease and cancer. Adding grapefruit to your diet is easy. And delicious! Here are some ideas: 

  • Eat a whole grapefruit before you eat the rest of your breakfast
  • Mix grapefruit sections into a fruit bowl
  • Dice grapefruit and add it to a fruit smoothie
  • Slice a grapefruit in half, top with a sprinkle of brown sugar, and broil for a healthy dessert

What you will need:

4 oz Fresh “RUBY RED” grapefruit juice (One grapefruit will make 4 oz)
1.5 oz fresh lime juice
1 oz simple syrup
2oz Mango Tequila
Sparkling Water or Club Soda


Rim medium glasses with lime juice and dip in coarse salt. Fill glasses with ice. Add the grapefruit juice, lime juice, simple syrup, and tequila to a cocktail shaker. Shake hard over ice, then strain into the salted glass. Top with sparkling water, and add garnish.