October 26th 2019

DIY: Rustic Wood S’mores Bar Station

The Fall season means, the return of cooler weather, pumpkin spice lattes, apple picking, and bonfires! Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVE a good bonfire. However, the forecast had other plans for my “S’mores Party”. So I decided to bring the party indoors and built this beautiful S’mores Bar Station! This Smores bar is PERFECT for year round activities with kids and adults. 

Don’t like S’mores? Use it for appetizers, make it a burger bar, sundae station, or impress your friends at a cookout or deck party. The options are endless!


This S’mores bar will last over the years and can be reused time and time again! Supplies are super cheap and easy to find. Here are my personal photos and notes on eveything you will need.  

Wooden Box Shelf w/ A Backboard

I did not purchase my wood box shelf. The previous owner of my house left two of these boxes. I painted one white and kept the other as is (see attached image). You can find Wooden S’mores Bar Stations on Etsy. However, It may be cheaper for you to make your own. 

Measuring & Slicing

(Use left & right arrows to view more photos)

Start by measuring the center of your box. Then slice your Foam blocks to fit perfectly inside. Save the shavings (these can be used to level your fuel cans later).

The Final Touches 

(Use left & right arrows to view more photos)

Place the crinkle paper inside the empty spaces (fluff if needed to even out). Add river rocks, and DONE!

Add-on item!

Most of my friends still use Snapchat. I created this custom filter for my event. You can purchase this $20 Filter at Geofiltersbyshay

Time to party! 

I hope you enjoy this easy DIY project. As you can see I bagged the graham crackers and marshmallows ahead of time. I would recommend presoaking your skewers for 30MINS so they won’t burn. ENJOY Friends!